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The first Avon E-Newletter is available now! Topics include... - Town Manager Ryan Cannon - Farmers Market Info - Avon Schools Performing Arts - Artists in Avon (Karabeth Narvell) - Economic Development Updates - Avon Parks Announcements - Council Corner with Ropert Pope - Upcoming Events Calendar

JULY 2022


Message from the Manager Town Manager | Ryan Cannon

The Town of Avon, for 25 years, has received feedback that residents want a Town Center. A place to gather, pedestrian-friendly, and a different shopping and dining experience from the traffic-congested area of US 36. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity that has presented itself with the proposed new Easton Grey development. Easton Grey is planned to be built on 600 acres just west of the Town Hall on the north side of US 36.

Summer has arrived and that means it's time again for some great community events for families and residents of Avon. We hope you can join us on July 2nd for Night at the Park. It will be a great night of food, music, fun, and fireworks. Also, on the horizon is National Night Out on August 2nd held at the Lowes Parking Lot. If you haven’t participated in National Night Out you are missing out on a great opportunity to show your support for the Avon Police Department. It is a great event that shows policing in a positive light and connects the community and the Police Department. We hope you and your family will join us to celebrate and have some fun at these great summer events. A portion of Easton Grey, approximately 75 acres, will consist of a Town Center development. It will contain commercial, multifamily, office, and a civic component. The Civic component may become a new Government Center to house the administration of the School, Town, and Township officials. Officials from all entities are discussing and collaborating on how this could work. Stay tuned for more information to come over the next 6-12 months as plans come together. Developers hope to break ground and begin the first phase of Development later this fall or the spring of 2023.



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July 2

Town of Avon, Night at the Park!


Avon Farmers Market

July 4-5

Avon Town Hall/Police/Parks and Rec Closed

July 10

Yoga in the Park Summer Series

July 14

Avon Town Council & Work Session

July 18

RDA and RDC Meetings

July 21

Board of Zoning Appeals

July 25

Avon Plan Commission Meeting

July 28

Avon Town Council

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The Avon Police Department would like to congratulate our recently retired police officers and wish them the best on their new adventures. Officers Jennifer Brahaum, Tony Fite, and Greg Schuster all served our community for many years and will be missed dearly. We thank each of them for their commitment and dedication to providing public safety to our community and making Avon a wonderful safe place to live. Avon Police Department Updates Avon Police Chief | Sean Stoops

The Avon Police Department and the Avon Police Department Merit Commission recently certified our latest hiring list. After all the testing and scoring, we finished with a final list of 30 potential police officer candidates. Our goal was to fulfill six (6) vacancies from this hiring list by the end of 2022. So far, we have been able to fill two of the six vacancies, and our detectives continue to conduct background investigations on the remaining candidates. The 14th annual Avon Police Department Citizens Police Academy is wrapping up this year as our “cadets” complete the course by participating in a ride-along with our police officers. The course has been a fan favorite for many years now and has been instrumental in developing and maintaining community relations among our officers and the community. The course is one night a week for 8 weeks, and attendees receive an in-depth look at real policing. The course allows our participants to learn about all the working parts of the police department, operate a police vehicle, fire training weapons, how to use a Taser, K9 demonstrations, and the proper way to make vehicle stops just to name a few.

Avon Police Department Updates

Avon Police and Avon Fire Department just completed their 2022 Junior Police and Fire Academy. This is a great experience for children in our community to take part in a hands-on program that introduces them to the careers of police officers and firefighters. This also allows the children of our community an opportunity to get to know some of our officers and firefighters on a personal level and help dispel some of the negative myths and remove some of those barriers that prevent positive relationships from being built between our public servants and the youth of our community. Preparation is underway for the 2022 National Night Out Against Crime. This is one of our community’s largest and most popular events and is held in our partner’s parking lot at Lowe’s Home Improvement Center in Avon. This year’s event is on August 2nd, 2022 and it begins at 4 pm through 8 pm. National Night Out focuses on building relationships with our community and providing information about crime prevention and other services provided by local law enforcement. This event is completely free to anyone wishing to attend. There will be over 60 vendors on sight providing information about services in our community. There will be free food, drinks, and other treats, and several thousands of dollars in door prize giveaways!

July 2nd - Concert in the park 7pm-9pm Summer is upon us and that means starting up the FREE Concert in the Park series! We will be kicking it off with Big Roscoe on June 3rd. This year concerts will be held at our brand-new entertainment area, just west of the old barn. The Concert in the Park Series is a collaboration between Avon Town Hall Park, Avon Chamber of Commerce, and the Washington Township Park; with three concerts held in Avon Town Hall Park and three held in Washington Township Park. Thanks to our sponsor, Flora Brothers Painting, for helping to make this happen!

Avon Farmer’s Market 2022 Every Tuesday through August! The Farmer’s Market is filling up fast with an outstanding variety of booths to enjoy. Unique handmade vendors, fresh from the farmer's items, live music, opening day strawberry shortcake, and more! The Avon Farmer’s Market runs every Tuesday from 4-7pm June through August in the Hendricks Regional parking lot just east of the HWY 36 & Dan Jones intersection.


August 2

National Night Out Against Crime


Avon Farmers Market

August 5

Concerts in the Park - Corey Cox

August 11

Avon Town Council & Work Session

August 14

Yoga in the Park Summer Series

August 15

RDA and RDC Meetings

August 18

Board of Zoning Appeals

August 22

Avon Plan Commission Meeting

August 25

Avon Town Council

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Solicitor Permit Process

We have all had a moment when someone knocks on our door, and there is an individual there wanting to sell you a vacuum, insurance, or pest control. Those individuals are called "solicitors'. In order to sell anything in the Town of Avon, you must obtain a solicitor permit from the Town of Avon. Our Town Treasurer is responsible for either approving or denying their application. Below is a Live@Lunch that our current Town Treasurer Julie Loker did to talk more about what the process looks like, and how you can safely, and legally prevent them from knocking on your door if you don't want to bothered in the middle of your Malcolm in the Middle marathon...

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Using the link below, we would love to hear from you all about the good people in Avon Indiana. These do not have to be giant moments of over-the-top greatness. Goodness to each other happens through the smallest interactions most times. Throughout each month we will be reviewing submissions and awarding these amazing AVON|NOVA folks with a special thank you, and sharing their story with you all. It’s too easy to focus on the bad in the world, it’s time now to lift up the good. Please help us in finding those individuals and telling their stories. You could also assist us by simply sharing this post, and details, so your friends, families, neighbors, and anyone else online can connect and share the good too! :-) “Good People Shining Bright” avongov.org/nova

Avon is amazingly beautiful . In order to keep it that way, we need all Avon residents and business owners to keep the trash in appropriate receptacles. The Town invests money and time trying to keep the Town looking good and differentiating itself from everywhere else. We ask residents to help us by not throwing trash out the window, or on the ground. It's actually cheaper for you to take it home and throw it away in your trash can than throwing it out your window and the Town paying for someone to pick it up.

We appreciate everyone’s help in making Avon a better place to live.



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