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Detective Stobaugh & Detective Davi for winning our Annual Cornhole Tournament during Employee Appreciation Week.

Second Place Recognition: Councilman Zusan & Sports Director Justin

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October 5 (THURSDAY) Avon Town Council Meeting

October 7 (SATURDAY) Harvest Moon Festival

October 9 (MONDAY) *CLOSED* Columbus Day

October 14 (SATURDAY) Heavy Trash Day

October 23 (MONDAY) Avon Plan Commission October 31 (TUESDAY) Town Hall Trick or Treat October 19 (THURSDAY) Avon Town Council Meeting October 17 (TUESDAY) Avon Board of Zone Appeals



Avon Town Council Meeting September 7th, 2023 | avonindiana.gov

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ECONOMI C DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT At the most recent Economic Development Commission, the Commissioners voted to send their approval on the Tax Exempt Bonds for the Easton Grey project to the Town Council. There needs to be updates on the project considering

PARKS MAINTENANCE CR EW The parks maintenance staff has been busy with weed control, grass mowing and string trimming. The department has also purchased a leaf vacuum system. The equipment attaches to a mower and will be used to assist with leaf removal in a more expedient and less labor intensive manner. We previously had utilized backpack blowers to remove leaves. Additionally, maintenance personnel have been assisting with the planning of upcoming Town Hall Park events.

the Town of Avon for future development.


Scrubs by Pinquelady We support our Local Businesses! avonindiana.gov/localbusinessmap

View some of our local businesses at: avonindiana.gov/localbusinessmap

Trick TOWN OF AVON Treat Avon Town Hall Oct 31, 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Monthly Recap Avon PD Officers participated in advanced emergency vehicle operation techniques to help polish their driving skills associated with responding to emergency calls for service. This month, the Officers focused on intersection clearing. This training session focused on training the Officers to expand on their duty to drive with due regard by slowly entering intersections and actively searching for other vehicles that have not noticed the emergency lights and sirens or disregarded the emergency measures taken to allow public safety vehicles to respond safely and quickly. The Avon PD will be starting another hiring process very soon, so please stay tuned to our social media pages and the Town of Avon social media and website for more information to come. Avon PD was awarded a grant from Duke Energy for the purchase of 15 new automated external defibrillators (AEDs) that will bring our agency closer to our goal of arming each officer with an AED. AEDs are the most successful method for those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Time is so important when providing CPR and using AEDs. Minutes and even seconds are sometimes the difference between life and death and even brain damage. Police officers are often the first ones on the scene, and this will provide a greater opportunity to save lives.

AVON POLICE DEPARTMENT By Sean Stoops, Chief of Police

Avon Police Department partnered with our County Emergency Management, the Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA to secure a grant to help launch our drone program. Avon PD received over $35,000 to purchase equipment and support technology to launch our drone program. Drones have become a large part of the daily duties of public safety. Drones will assist in searching for suspects, victims, lost children, individuals with disabilities, vehicle accident reconstruction, and many other public safety tasks. Select Officers will be trained and licensed by the FAA to operate and maintain the drones when needed.


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We want to congratulate Officer Evan Hibschman for receiving the American Police Hall of Fame Excellent Arrest Award for his efforts in investigating an individual that Officer Hibschman eventually identified as a homicide suspect from another state. Officer Hibschman’s efforts prevented the suspect from using an alias and being released on bail. The suspect was later transferred to the state where he was wanted to answer for the charges against him. Detective Joe Davi received two awards at the merit board meeting. Detective Davi assisted in an incident where two individuals sustained serious injuries. Detective Davi helped administer life-saving techniques that stabilized the individuals until medical professionals could treat them. His efforts help save the lives of those individuals. Detective Davi also received an award for an excellent arrest. Detective Davi responded to a call for help from a person being confined against her will by someone she knew at a local business. Detective Davi assisted in locating the suspect’s vehicle, identifying the suspect, locating a stolen firearm and illegal narcotics, and, above all, taking the suspect into custody without anyone being injured. The suspect was arrested and remanded to the Hendricks County Jail to answer for his actions. Avon Police Department CONGRATULATIONS


Detective Joe Davi

Officer Hibschman


Avon Board of Zone Appeals September 19th, 2023 | avonindiana.gov

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31 OCT

NO FLASHING LIGHTS avonindiana.gov/townhalltrickortreat



Avon Town Council Meeting September 21st, 2023 | avonindiana.gov

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2024 is only 3 months away! Can you believe that!? One of the fantastic parts about coming into the last quarter of the year is that these last 3 months typically have more events and gatherings than the rest of the year combined. October has Trick or Treat at Town Hall, November has a new Veterans' Day celebration, and of course, in December, Santa arrives to help us turn the Christmas Tree on at Town Hall. Behind the scenes, the Communications Department is working diligently with Public Works and their contractors to give better notice of when work will be done. When we receive notice sooner, we can let you, the community, know about it. It is taking work, but we desire to be the best for you.


Speaking about notifications, did you know that with our recent partnership with AJAA, now Avon Indiana Sports, you can sign up for sports alerts in the same place where you get roadwork, police, parks, and emergency alerts?? Go to avonindiana.gov/alerts and sign up for what you want, when you want. You always have control over what notifications and alerts you receive, and you can change what you want whenever you want, 24/7/365.




To wrap up this little article, I want to remind the community that the Town of Avon does not participate in ANY Facebook Chatter groups. There are some folks out there who appear to enjoy claiming that their “page” or “group” has factual information. Long story short, none of these individuals work for the Town of Avon, they do not represent the Town of Avon, and what they post to social media is purely their opinion that is sometimes based on facts they research. We are working hard on making our website the absolute best place to find information about the Town of Avon and goings on, but it is always a work in progress. We have said this many times, and we will repeat it: if you obtain information from anywhere outside of official Town of Avon Social Media outlets or our website (avonindiana.gov), there is a high chance of receiving wrong information. If you ever have questions or cannot find something on our website, please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will make sure that your questions are answered efficiently, effectively, and accurately. Contact information for every employee of the Town is available online, so you can easily reach out to the person you need to. If you have done that and have no idea who you need to speak with, feel free to email questions@avonindiana.gov, and we will get you to the correct person/department.

Avon Plan Commission Meetmng September 25th, 2023 | avonindiana.gov

View entire meetings at avonindiana.gov/livestream Find out more information and see how you can serve your Town of Avon by visiting avonindiana.gov/atc

A FEW EVENTS NOVEMBER 2023 November 1 (WEDNESDAY) Department of Storm Water Management

November 2 (THURSDAY) Avon Town Council Meeting

November 10 (FRIDAY) *CLOSED* Veterans’ Day

November 14 (TUESDAY) Economic Development Commission Meeting

November 20 (MONDAY) Avon Redevelopment Meeting

November 23 (THURSDAY) *CLOSED* Thanksgiving Day

November 24 (FRIDAY) *CLOSED* Day after Thanksgiving Day

November 27 (MONDAY) Avon Plan Commission


ANGEL GINO-GINO MarComm Specialist

Email at: aginogino@avonindiana.gov

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