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July 1 (SATURDAY) Night at the Park

July 3 (MONDAY) Stroller Fitness in the Park

July 4 (TUESDAY) *CLOSED* Independence Day

July 5 (WEDNESDAY) *CLOSED* Day after Independence Day

July 11 (TUESDAY) Economic Development Commission Meeting

July 17 (MONDAY) Avon Redevelopment Commission

July 27 (THURSDAY) Avon Town Council Meeting

July 28 (FRIDAY) Concert in the Park


RYAN CANNON Town Manager

After years of requests and project preparation, construction has started on the first phase of the Dan Jones Rd widening. This is the first phase of what will be a multiyear project. The first segment is between the Dan Jones bridge over CSX to CR 100 S. This first phase of the project will cost almost $6 million dollars to widen to 4 lanes. This segment is the most heavily traveled segment, with over 20,000 vehicles per day. Dan Jones will remain open during construction. This is being done to allow homeowners access to their homes. Please utilize alternative routes if you don't live on Dan Jones. If you have no other alternative, please slow down to keep the workers safe and expect delays. As part of our efforts to be transparent and share information, we have created an excellent source of information on our website, where you can find all kinds of information about phase 1 construction and future phases of the Dan Jones Widening Project. That website is AvonIndiana.gov/DanJones . The Town has also subscribed to a notification system where you can get updates on traffic information and things going on in the Town that may affect you.

avonindiana.gov/alerts Sign up for notifications at:


Go out and have a true sense of unity in our community It's a Free Event!

01 Tuesday August

Avon High School 7575 E County Rd 150 S, Avon IN 46123

Enjoy the evening filled with food, live music & games For more information, please visit: avonindiana.gov/nationalnightout

Avon Town Council Meeting Post Meeting Quick Recap with Ryan Cannon, Town Manager June 8th, 2023 | avonindiana.gov

View entire meetings at avonindiana.gov/livestream Find out more information and see how you can serve your Town of Avon by visiting avonindiana.gov/atc



The Town wanted to show appreciation to the local businesses here in the Town of Avon, so over the past few months, we have been going around to local businesses and creating FREE promotional videos. Please look at the list below of a few of the businesses that have participated in this. If you are interested, please email Angel Gino-Gino at: aginogino@avonindiana.gov

Avon Gardens

Orange Leaf - Avon

Innovative Garages Citizens Bank - Avon

ABC Roofing Marsha's Specialty Desserts


The Parks Maintenance Department has a new time-saving implement. In the past, crew members have spent many hours hand trimming along tree lines and trails. The new apparatus is essentially a vertical 45-inch wide mower mounted on the front of a tractor capable of cutting tree limbs up to 2-inch diameter and 15-feet high. The trimming used to require approximately two weeks during the span of a year but is now accomplished in about three days. The mechanical method also results in a distinct smooth looking cut. Additionally, the crew has continued to complete summertime tasks such as grass mowing, string trimming, hedge and plant shaping and weed control. The lack of rainfall has also resulted in plant and tree watering one to two times a week. AVON PARKS MAINTENANCE CHUCK MCGEE MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDANT

Treasury Department Julie Loker | Kathy Selch

The Clerk Treasurer’s Department is busy working on the 2024 budget. We have submitted our pre-budget worksheet already and are working towards completing Form 1’s with Department Heads. Deputy Clerk Treasurer Kathy Selch has been pulling double duty as she is currently helping out the Court processing their ticket payments so if you have an UNPAID TICKET, come visit Kathy and tell her what an amazing job she is doing!

Orange Leaf We support our Local Businesses! avonindiana.gov/localbusinessmap

View some of our local businesses at: avonindiana.gov/localbusinessmap


Town of Avon

Economic Development Department -John Taylor, Economic Development Director Van Trust

Van Trust, the owners and builders at Avon Landing, will begin their next building this summer. The 150,000 square foot building will be constructed for an unnamed tenant and will sit in front of their recently completed 300,000 square foot distribution/manufacturing center. Additionally, just down the street on Ronald Reagan is the Rise Development that has truly begun to come out of the ground. Their first building is currently under construction with a number of other buildings to follow.

Stay Tuned for more updates in the coming months! The industrial market continues to be strong and Avon sits in a very strong position to take advantage of this growth.

Distribution Realty Group Distribution Realty Group owns the two buildings across Ronald Reagan from Rise Development and they have plans for another 250,000 square foot building to be erected later this year. Add all of this to the 1,009,000 square foot building that Chicago Industrial is building next door to its 880,000 square foot building on 100S and it is easy to see that our community has been found by the industrial groups throughout the USA. With all these buildings will come jobs and taxes to be collected by the community. We are also blessed to have this sort of development occurring as this enables out community to extend water and sewer lines without the need to raise taxes.

LIFESAVER Project To bring loved ones home Formed in 2008, Project Lifesaver is a nonprofit organization that ensures the recovery and safety of those in our community with cognitive disabilities who have tendencies to wander away from their caregivers. OUR MISSION


100% FREE to Hendricks County Residents Must have 24/7 caregiver for client Must have a diagnosed cognitive disorder

317-617-1914 Avon Police Department: Brian Nugent bnugent@avonindiana.gov CONTACT: CALL :

Board of Zoning Appeals Post Meeting Quick Recap with Ian Loera, Senior Planner June 20th, 2023 | avonindiana.gov

View entire meetings at avonindiana.gov/livestream Find out more information and see how you can serve your Town of Avon by visiting avonindiana.gov/bza

New Officers

Three new officers joined the police department in early June. Officer Gabriel Copley, Officer William Clark, and Officer Monica Childers started June 5th and have begun their training regimen.

2023 Citizens Police Academy

National Night Out Against Crime 2023 Preparation Staff members from the Police Department are working hard to prepare for the 2023 Night Out Against Crime event scheduled for August 1st from 5pm to 9pm at Avon High School. The 2023 Citizens Police wrapped up the final week of program and class participants will attend the graduation ceremony in the coming weeks.

Avon Police Department's Cadet Program

The Avon Police Department’s Cadet program graduated their first two members in the history of the program. Members Jared Flagler and Lyndsi Fenrick graduated from the program and are moving on toward a career in law enforcement!

Brian Nugent

Deputy Police Chief




The opening of the second Chick-Fil-A in the Town of Avon will increase the traffic at Beechwood Center Road and Beechwood Drive. Our Public Works team was proactive and replaced the two stop signs at the intersections of those two roads and placed a singular stop sign to help with traffic flow configurations.




We are pleased to inform the public that the 625 E Streambank Erosion Project on White Lick Creek with the Army 625 E STREAMBANK:

Corps of Engineers has officially come to a close.


The long awaited wait is finally over. We have officially hired our new GIS technician. Help us give a warm welcome to Jordan Fuller. Jordan Fuller will be producing layers, maps, graphs, and reports using Geographic Information Systems or GIS for short. We are excited to have Jordan join our amazing Public Works team!

Evergreen Club Senior citizen connection the last event of the year! AVON TOWN HALL PARK SHELTERS




Avon Town Council Meeting Post Meeting Quick Recap with Ryan Cannon, Town Manager June 22nd, 2023 | avonindiana.gov

View entire meetings at avonindiana.gov/livestream Find out more information and see how you can serve your Town of Avon by visiting avonindiana.gov/atc

100% Free to Anybody All Hendricks County Agencies are participants in the program PROGRAM INFO MUST fill out medical professional referral sheet STAY AWARE AND JOIN US Please visit our website for sign ups and more information WWW.AWAREPROGRAM.INFO


AUGUST 2023 A FEW EVENTS August 1 (TUESDAY) National Night Out Against Crime August 2 (WEDNESDAY) Department of Storm Water Management August 21 (MONDAY) Avon Redevelopment Commission August 15 (TUESDAY) Avon Board of Zone Appeals August 10 (THURSDAY) Avon Town Council Meeting

August 24 (THURSDAY) Avon Town Council Meeting

August 28 (MONDAY) Avon Plan Commission


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