Avon E-Newsletter - March 2023

March 2023 Message from the Town Manager

If you don’t live in the Town of Avon, we want you to be a part of our community. Did you know that more than half of the neighborhoods that go to Avon Schools aren’t in the Town of Avon? The process of making you a resident of the Town of Avon is called annexation. Annexation is often viewed as negative because people think their taxes will go up. Not in Indiana, most residential properties could be annexed into Avon with no change to what is paid in taxes due to the 1% property tax cap. The Constitution in Indiana says that you can’t pay more than 1% of your assessed value. Most residents whose assessed value is over $93,000 are already at their tax cap. That means if you are annexed you wouldn’t pay anymore in taxes but you could receive Town of Avon services such as Police, Street Maintenance, Snow Removal and most importantly have the opportunity to vote for the elected officials that make decisions that impact you. If your neighborhood is interested in more information, we are happy to meet with you and your neighbors. After years of requests and project preparation, the Town is excited about the start of the widening of Dan Jones Rd. This multi-year project will begin with the first segment between the Dan Jones Bridge over CSX to CR 100 S in 2023. This first phase of project will cost over $5 million dollars to widen to 4 lanes. This segment is the most heavily traveled segment with over 20,000 vehicles per day. Dan Jones will remain open during construction but delays are expected and we would encourage drivers to use alternate routes if possible.

Ryan Cannon

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