Avon E-Newsletter - March 2023

Avon Police Department


Police officers increased their traffic stops by nearly 30% with the help of our grant programs, and we have experienced a 21% reduction in personal injury traffic accidents. Our agency currently has 35 sworn police officers, and we are allotted 40. We recently concluded a hiring process to fill our 5 vacancies, and so far, have tendered 2 conditional offers of employment. We hope to identify 3 more acceptable police officer candidates before our current hiring list expires or is exhausted. We take hiring police officers very serious, and follow the highest selection standards to ensure that only those with the best character and integrity are permitted to protect and serve our community. If you are seeking a career in law enforcement, or maybe just curious about the profession, please follow us on social media and visit our website at avongov.org/police

As the Town of Avon’s residential and commercial areas continue to grow, our public safety needs to grow as well. Over the past several years the Avon Police Department has taken proactive measures to reduce criminal activity and aggressive driving. Our agency has secured grants to assist our police officers financially to provide our enforcement officers with the necessary equipment and funding needed to aggressively combat crime and aggressive driving. A two-year statistical snapshot from 2020 through 2022 shows our officers’ efforts having an impact in these areas of concern in spite of our Agency’s calls for service increasing by nearly 17%. Since 2020 we have seen crimes against persons reduced by 12% and illegal narcotic cases reduced by 28%.

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