Avon E-Newsletter - March 2022


The Avon Parks Depar tment team i s look ing for a par t - t ime Program and Event Planner , and you could be the per fect f i t . The Program and Event Planner wi l l focus on ass i st ing in market ing, organi z ing, and superv i s ing ex i st ing programs . The Program and Event Planner works wi th the depar tment to improve communi cat i ons for the parks and communi t y under the general d i rect i on of the Parks Di rector and Program and Event Coord inator . Work i s sub j ect to evaluat i on on the bas i s of resul ts obta ined. V i ew the ful l j ob descr i pt i on on our webs i te at : ht tps : / /avonparks . recdesk. com Ema i l your resume to Program and Event Coord inator Delber t Harmon at dharmon@avongov .org The Parks Depar tment i s prepar ing for the spr ing. They are c leaning, inspect ing, and do ing ma intenance checks on al l lawnmowers and spr ing equi pment . Last l y , as some of you mi ght have seen, we are work ing on a concrete s lab just west of the old barn. Thi s should be done in ear l y spr ing and wi l l of fer new programming oppor tuni t i es , inc lud ing concer ts , shows , and d i f ferent forms of enter ta inment .

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