Avon E-Newsletter - March 2022

The February 2022 Avon Nova award winner i s Chel sea Ne i swinger . Chel sea and her husband Brad have l i ved in Avon Ind i ana s ince 2017 wi th the i r 7-year-old son Owen, and 4- year-old son Emmet t . She current l y owns and operates her onl ine med i a company f rom her home , whi ch means she i s not onl y a res i dent of Avon, but she i s al so a smal l bus iness owner ! Whi le chat t ing wi th her Husband Brad, he ment i oned that Chel sea “enj oys tak ing the i r k i ds to the parks in and around town” . At some po int in the future , anyone in Avon mi ght see Chel sea , Owen, and Emmet t walk ing the t ra i l s , or play ing on the playground. I f you do , take a moment and say hel lo. The Avon Nova award i s focused on smal l , everyday good things that the communi t y i s do ing. Brad shared wi th us . . . “ I want to nominate my wi fe , Chel sea Ne i swinger for her work in get t ing baby t ravel systems to refugees f rom Afghani stan that were stay ing at Camp At terbury . ” Ne i swinger cont inued “Us ing her soc i al med i a plat forms she put a cal l out to gather monetary donat i ons as wel l as made her own total ing $7 , 800 whi ch resul ted in the purchase of 50 systems to send to Camp At terbury . Her work meant that every expectant and new mother at the refugee camp had a car seat and st rol ler to use and keep once they obta ined res i dency in the US. I knew when I saw the town was look ing for good news stor i es that thi s f i t the b i l l . ” Chel sea , thank you for be ing a shining l i ght in Avon. . . Thank you for us ing your sk i l l s and talents to help those that are in need. . . Thank you for be ing there for mothers and fami l i es when they needed someone. . . Thank you for al l you have done , al l you do , and al l you wi l l do in the future wi th Brad, Owen, and Emmet t by your s i de. On behal f of the ent i re Town of Avon, we present our February 2022 Avon Nova winner… Chel sea Ne i swinger !

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