Avon E-Newsletter - September 2021

Yard Signs

YOU CAN > Place a yard s ign on your proper ty. YOU CAN'T > Place a yard s ign in a median, roundabout , or publ ic r ight of way. ( Town Zoning Ordinance Sect ion 18-3 ) Trai lers YOU CAN > Park a t rai ler on a hard sur face. YOU CAN'T > Park your t rai ler on grass , in a s ide yard setback, or blocking ent ry to a garage. ( Town Zoning Ordinance Sect ion 15-9 ) Fences YOU CAN > Apply for a fence permi t and bui ld a fence af ter obtaining permi t . YOU CAN'T > Bui lding a fence in a drainage easement , or wi thout a permi t . ( Town Zoning Ordinance 13-5 ) Fowl/Backyard Chickens YOU CAN > Have two adul t backyard chickens and thei r chicks . YOU CAN'T > Have 10 adul t chickens in a res ident ial zone. ( Town Code §6-30 ) Dog walking YOU CAN > Walk your Dog through your neighborhood on a leash. YOU CAN'T > Al low your Dog to run around wi thout a leash. ( Town Code §6-21 )

By Daniel Lorentz | Code Enforcement Planner dlorentz@avongov.org

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